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The quality of it's writers' writing clearly speaks of the richness of language of the writings............ Punjabi language has a rich heritage beginning even from pre-Baba Farid, Guru Nanak, Sah Hussain, Sultan Bahoo, Waris Shaw and coming to the present living writers. Punjabi is the dominant language spoken in Pakistan, and 11th most spoken language in India and 3rd most spoken language in South Asia. According to the Ethnologue 2005 estimate, there are 88 million native speakers of the Punjabi language, which makes it approximately the 11th most widely spoken language in the world. According to the 2008 Census of Pakistan, there are approximately 76,335,300 native speakers of Punjabi in Pakistan, and according to the Census of India, there are over 29,102,477 Punjabi speakers in India.Punjabi is also spoken as a minority language in several other countries where Punjabis have emigrated in large numbers, such as the United Kingdom (where it is the second most commonly used language and Canada, where in recent times Punjabi has grown fast and has now become the fourth most spoken language after English, French and Chinese. There are also sizable communities in United States, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Persian Gulf countries, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Click on the relevant topic and enjoy
  • Name: Afzal Bashir Bajwa
  • Name: Ajmer Rode
    Details:Ajmer Rode is a Canadian author writing in Punjabi as well as in English. His first work was non-fiction Vishva Di Nuhar on Einstein's Relativity in...
  • Name: Amarjit Sathi
  • Name:
  • Name: Amarjit Kaur Shant
    Details:   Punjabi Writer Amarjit Kaur Shant
  • Name: Amjid Islam Amjid
  • Name: Amrit Diwana
    Details:Punjabi Writer, Punjabi Shayar Amrit Diwana is a poetry writer. Pen Name : Amrit Diwana Full Name : Amrit Singh Jhalli Date of Birth : 12 November...
  • Name: Angreaj Brar
    Details:Angreag Brar is a Punjabi poetry writer. He lives in Abbotsford BC Canada.
  • Name: Anjum Qureshi
  • Name: Anwar Masood
  • Name: Arminder Bhattal
  • Name: Asif Shahkar
    Details:Asif Shahkar Asif Shahkar is a Punjabi writer. He is most popular in Punjabi world. He is a weekly columnists in Ajit Weekly. He wrote many books.
  • Name: Baba Nazmi
  • Name: Bakhshinder
  • Name: Baldev Singh Seehra
  • Name:
  • Name: Bhupinder Dhiliwal
  • Name: Bikar Singh Khosa
  • Name: Central Association of Punjabi Writers
  • Name: Chaman Lal
    Details:Dr. Chaman Lal Dr. Chaman Lal is an Indian academic and author. He is currently Professor in Hindi translation and Chairperson at Centre of Indian...
  • Name: Charn Singh Virdi
  • Name: Daljit Kalianpuri
  • Name: Darshan Sangha
    Details:Punjabi Writer Darshan Sangha Darshan Sangha is a punjabi funny poetry. He was born
  • Name: Darshan Gill
    Details:Darshan Gill Dr. Darshan Gill, a progressive and secular Punjabi writer who opposed religious fundamentalism in Vancouver lost his battle with cancer...
  • Name: Davinder Punnia
  • Name: Davinder Kaur Johal
    Details:Punjabi writer Davinder Kaur Johal
  • Name: Dr Maheep Singh
  • Name: Gill Moranwali
    Details:Gill MoranwaliPan Name: Gill Moranwali Full Name : Mohinder Singh Gill D.O.B : 20 May 1937 Education: B.A. 1962 (Punjab Unversity) Enter In Canada :...
  • Name:
  • Name: Gulshan Dayal
    Details:Gulshan Dayal is a Punjabi Writer. She is a teacher in California.
  • Name: Gurbaksh Singh Bhandal
    Details:Gurbaksh Singh Bhandal is a Punjabi writer.
  • Name: Gurbhajan Gill
    Details:Gurbhajan Gill was born at Basant Kot (near Batala) in 1953. He received his graduate and postgraduate degrees at GGN Khalsa College, Ludhiana and...
  • Name: Gurcharn Rampuri
    Details:Gurcharan Rampuri was born at Rampur (Panjab) India in January 23,1929. He started writing poetry in 1944. First volume of his poems was published in...
  • Name: Gurdarshan Singh
    Details:Gurdarshan Badal is a Famous Punjabi Ghazal Writer. He wrote more than ten books of Ghazal Punjabi Poetry. Literary Name: Gurdarshan Badal DOB June 15...
  • Name: Gurdev Singh Butter
  • Name: Gurdip Singh Grewal
  • Name: Gurmail Singh Badesha
  • Name: Gurpreet Singh
    Details:Gurpreet Singh is a Punjabi Journalist & radio host of Radio India 1600AM Surrey BC Canada
  • Name: Harbans Kaur Brar
  • Name: Harbhajan Singh Mangat
    Details:Harbhajan Singh Mangat was born May 13, 1934 Village Begowal. He writes a poetry. His poetry has a unique style.Service : Army 1953 -1981 Retired: As...
  • Name: Harbhajan Singh Brar
    Details:Harbhajan Singh Brar Birth Place: Chak -151 Near Sikhan Da Pind Station : Kachha Khoo Teh:khanewal Distt: Multan Country : Pakistan Name of Father ...
  • Name: Harchand Singh Bagri
    Details:Punjabi Writer: Harchand Singh BagriPunjabi Funny Poetry writer: Harchand Singh Bagri is a punjabi poetry writer. He writes a Short Story & poetry...
  • Name: Hari Singh Tatla
    Details:  Hari Singh Tatla Date of Birth: 07 May 1957 Birth Place :Village Barhmi Pind ,District- Ludhiana Punjab India. Entery in Canada :1967 Profession:...
  • Name: Harinder Kaur Brar
  • Name: ICWA
  • Name: Inderjit Kaur Sidhu
    Details:Interjit Kaur Sidhu Date of Birth 15 August 1940 Karnal Haryana India Education: M.A. English, M.A. Punjabi, B.T Community Support Worker(In Canada)...
  • Name: Inderjit Singh Sidhu
  • Name: Iqbal Qaiser
  • Name: Iqbal Brar
    Details:Iqbal Brar is a Director, Producer & Host of the TV program Dhamak Punjab di.
  • Name: Iqbal Singh Ramoowalia
  • Name: Jagjit Singh Sandhu
  • Name: Jallianwala Bagh
  • Name: Jasvir Mangowal
    Details:Punjabi Writer Jasvir Mangowal
  • Name: Jugmohan Singh
  • Name: Kamaljeet Singh thind
    Details:details in english will be here 8
  • Name: Kamaljit Komal
    Details:Punjabi Writer & Singer Kamaljit Komal Kamaljit Komal is a Punjabi song writer and Singer.
  • Name: Kamaljit Singh Thind
    Details: Kamaljit Singh Thind   Kamaljit Singh Thind is a Director, Producer, Host & Editor of Punjabi Kalma Video Magazine. He also host TV program ...
  • Name: Kav Ganga - Harbhajan Singh Mangat.
    Details:Book release: Kav Ganga Kav-Ganga is a punjabi poetry book written by Harbhajan Singh Mangat.
  • Name: Khanayo n Tikha Safar
    Details:Khanayo'n Tikha Safar is a Ghazals Shayari written by Paul Dhillon. He is a famous punjabi writer. He wrote six Books. Khanayo'n Tikha Safar was...
  • Name: Khaqan Haider
  • Name: Khushamdid
    Details:Punjabi Book Released: Khushamdid Khushamdid is a poerty book written by Amrit Diwana. Khushamdid is the way of saying welcome in the Urdu language....
    Details:Punjabi Poetry Writer: Kidar Nath Kidar is a punjabi Poetry writer. He was born 10 Febourary 1924 Basi Gulam Husaian Hoshiarpur Punjab India. The poet...
  • Name: Kirshan Bhanot
  • Name: Kulwinder Singh Kalanizampuri
    Details:Kala Nizampuri is a Punjabi Lyricist. Kala Nizampuri is a pen name & his full name Kulwinder Singh Kalanizampuri. He was bron 10 April 1977 in...
  • Name: Madan Singh Banga
  • Name: Manga Basi
    Details:Manga Singh Basi is Punjabi poetry writer. Birth Place : Bir Bansian Jalandhar India Birth Date 15 Feb 1954 Education: MA Political science 1977...
  • Name: Manjit Meet
    Details:Manjit Meet: Name: Manjit Singh Dhatt Pen Name: Manjit Meet Date of Birth: August 1, 1953 Place of Birth: Sheikhupura, District Ludhiana, Punjab,...
  • Name: Manjit Kang
    Details:Punjabi Writer Manjit Kang Manjit Kang is a radio host Red FM 93.1 Surrey Canada.
  • Name: Manjit Kaur Deol
  • Name: Manjit Singh Chatrik
    Details:Manjit Singh Chatrik is an artist with a passion – a passion to delve into depth of life and express his revelations through painting. He...
  • Name: Mohan Gill
    Details:Mohan Gill, Born at Village-DEHLON. Distt. Ludhiana.Now living in Surrey,B.C. Canada. Got education in village school & Khalsa school Mandi...
  • Name: Nadeem Parmar
    Details:Famous Punjabi Ghazal writer ----- Kalwant Singh Parmar was born June 9, 1936, Chuck 138 in Lyalpur (Old India before 1947). He was given his writer's...
  • Name: Narvinser Koshak
  • Name: Naseer Ahmad
  • Name: Navneet pannu
  • Name: Pal Singh Purewal
    Details:Pal Singh Purewal Pal Singh Purewal is a Chief architect of Nanakshahi Calender. Pal Singh Purewal BSc. B.T. worked as Mathematics and Science...
  • Name: Parminder Kaur Swaich
    Details:Punjabi Writer Parminder Kaur Swaich Parminder Kaur Swaich is a Punjabi drama & Poetry Writer. She was Born on January 16, 1961 in Village Issru,...
  • Name: Parmjit Kaur Deol
  • Name: Paul Dhillon
    Details:Punjabi Writer, Punjabi Shayar, Paul Dhillon is a Famous Punjabi Ghazal Writer. His full name is Rajinder Singh Dhillon. He wrote six Books.  ...
  • Name:
  • Name:
  • Name: Principal Surinderpal Kaur Brar
    Details:Prinicipal Surinder Pal Kaur Brar w/o Late S.Malkiat Singh Brar is retired as College Principal from S.D. College for women Moga. She has done Masters...
  • Name: Pritam Singh Dhanjal
  • Name: Pritpal Gill
  • Name: Qalam
    Details:Qalam: Qalam is a poetry book. This book is a collection of multilingual literature produced by the local writers. The collection of the literary work...
  • Name: Raja Nayyer
  • Name: Ravinder Ravi
    Details:Ravinder Ravi is a famous Punjabi Writer. He is writing in Punjabi, English, Hindi and Urdu. His pen name is Ravinder Ravi and full name is Ravinder...
  • Name: Rupinder Roopi
    Details:Roopinder Khaira Roopi D.O.B: Nov 5th 1960 Hometown:Amritsar Qualification: B.Sc B.Ed Occupation in India:Served as a Science teacher at Nabha...
  • Name: S Ashok Bhaura
    Details:S Ashok Bhaura S Ashok Bhaura is a famous Punjabi writer, Director, Producer, Radio & TV host. He wrote more than 10,000 articals on different...
  • Name: Sadhu Binning
    Details:Sadhu Binning is a Punjabi writer. Sadhu, a bilingual author, has lived in the Vancouver area since migrating to Canada in 1967. He has published more...
  • Name: Saleem Ahang
  • Name: Sant Ram Udasi
  • Name: Satish Gulati
    Details:Punjabi Writer Satish Gulati Satish Gulati is a Punjabi writer & publisher. He is a owner of Chetna Parkashan. “I was given books instead...
  • Name: Satwant Kaur Pandhar
  • Name: Sawraj Kaur
    Details:Punjabi Writer Sawraj Kaur Sawraj Kaur born 1 January 1040 Lyalpur Pakistan India Village Talwan Teh. Philor DisT. Jalandhar Eduction: Matriculation ...
  • Name: Sharnjit Kaur
  • Name: Shav Kumar Batalvi
    Details:Punjabi Writer: Shiv Kumar Batalvi ਸ਼ਿਵ ਕੁਮਾਰ ਬਟਾਲਵੀ (July...
  • Name: Skeena
    Details:Skeena is a Novel written by Fauzia Rafique. Skeena is the first Canadian novel to be launched in English and Punjabi. Skeena is the story of a Muslim...
  • Name: Sleem Pasha
    Details:Sleem Pasha is a Punjabi writer. He lives in punjab Pakistan Cell: 03005144160 Email:
  • Name: Sukh Gohalwar
    Details:Punjabi Writer Sukh Gohalwar
  • Name:
  • Name: Sukhminder Amrit
  • Name: Surinder Dhanjal
    Details:Dr. Surinder Dhanjal is a well-known Punjabi poet who has been teaching in the Department of Computing Science, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops,...
  • Name: Surinder Singh Sohal
    Details:Punjabi writer Surinder Singh Sohal Surinder Sohal is a Punjabi Ghazal Writer.He was born and raised in a small village named Sangal-Sohal. It is...
  • Name: Surjeet Kalsey
    Details:Kalsey came to Canada in January 1974, bringing her rich experience in All India Radio boradcasting, writing, journalism and translation, and was...
  • Name: Surjeet
  • Name:
  • Name: Surjeet Kalsey
    Details:Kalsey came to Canada in January 1974, bringing her rich experience in All India Radio boradcasting, writing, journalism and translation, and was...
  • Name: Surjeet
  • Name:
  • Name: Surjit Pattar
    Details:Surjit Paatar is a renowned Punjabi poet. He obtained a Masters degree from Punjani University Patiala and then a Ph.D in Literature on ...
  • Name: Surjit Singh Madhupuri
  • Name: Tamanna Tandeep
  • Name: Trale Tupke
    Details:Trale Tupke is a Haiku Shayari written by Mohan Gill. Haiku is a minimalist form of poetry.'TRALE TUPKE' is only second punjabi HAIKU poetry book...
  • Name: Veena Verma
    Details:Veen Verma Veena Verma is a famous Punjabi short story writer and she also write Punjabi Poetry. Publication: Mul Dee Teween
  • Name: Waryam Singh Sandhu
    Details:A great punjabi writer who won the Sahitya Akademi 2000 award for his short stories book ( Chauthi koot). WARYAM SINGH SANDHU is the most discussed,...
  • Name: World Punjabi Conference Toronto 2011
    Details:World Punjabi conference Toronto 2011   World Punjabi conference 2011 was held on 5, 6, & 7 August 2011. The two days sessions was in Oakville ...
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