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An interview is a conversation between two or more people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee We have many interviews with Punjabi Writers. 1 Darshan Gill 2 Gurcharn Rampuri 3 Shiv Kumar Batalvi 4 Surinder Dhanjal 5 Waryam Sandhu
  • Name: Amrit Diwana
    Details:Punjabi Writer, Punjabi Shayar Amrit Diwana is a poetry writer. Pen Name : Amrit Diwana Full Name : Amrit Singh Jhalli Date of Birth : 12 November...
  • Name: Asif Shahkar
    Details:Asif Shahkar Asif Shahkar is a Punjabi writer. He is most popular in Punjabi world. He is a weekly columnists in Ajit Weekly. He wrote many books.
  • Name: Chaman Lal
    Details:Dr. Chaman Lal Dr. Chaman Lal is an Indian academic and author. He is currently Professor in Hindi translation and Chairperson at Centre of Indian...
  • Name:
  • Name: Darshan Sangha
    Details:Punjabi Writer Darshan Sangha Darshan Sangha is a punjabi funny poetry. He was born
  • Name: Darshan Gill
    Details:Darshan Gill Dr. Darshan Gill, a progressive and secular Punjabi writer who opposed religious fundamentalism in Vancouver lost his battle with cancer...
  • Name: Gurbaksh Singh Bhandal
    Details:Gurbaksh Singh Bhandal is a Punjabi writer.
  • Name: Gurbhajan Gill
    Details:Gurbhajan Gill was born at Basant Kot (near Batala) in 1953. He received his graduate and postgraduate degrees at GGN Khalsa College, Ludhiana and...
  • Name: Gurcharn Rampuri
    Details:Gurcharan Rampuri was born at Rampur (Panjab) India in January 23,1929. He started writing poetry in 1944. First volume of his poems was published in...
  • Name: Gurvinder Singh Dhaliwal
    Details:Punjabi Writer Gurvinder Singh Dhaliwal Gurvinder Singh Dhaliwal is a radio host on Sher-e-Punjab 1550 AM.
  • Name: Jarnail Singh Sekha
  • Name: Kamaljit Singh Thind
    Details: Kamaljit Singh Thind   Kamaljit Singh Thind is a Director, Producer, Host & Editor of Punjabi Kalma Video Magazine. He also host TV program ...
  • Name: Kulwinder Singh Kalanizampuri
    Details:Kala Nizampuri is a Punjabi Lyricist. Kala Nizampuri is a pen name & his full name Kulwinder Singh Kalanizampuri. He was bron 10 April 1977 in...
  • Name: Parminder Kaur Swaich
    Details:Punjabi Writer Parminder Kaur Swaich Parminder Kaur Swaich is a Punjabi drama & Poetry Writer. She was Born on January 16, 1961 in Village Issru,...
  • Name: Shav Kumar Batalvi
    Details:Punjabi Writer: Shiv Kumar Batalvi ਸ਼ਿਵ ਕੁਮਾਰ ਬਟਾਲਵੀ (July...
  • Name: Sleem Pasha
    Details:Sleem Pasha is a Punjabi writer. He lives in punjab Pakistan Cell: 03005144160 Email:  pashupk@yahoo.com www.pitad.org.pk
  • Name: Surinder Gill
  • Name: Surinder Dhanjal
    Details:Dr. Surinder Dhanjal is a well-known Punjabi poet who has been teaching in the Department of Computing Science, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops,...
  • Name: Surjit Pattar
    Details:Surjit Paatar is a renowned Punjabi poet. He obtained a Masters degree from Punjani University Patiala and then a Ph.D in Literature on ...
  • Name: Veena Verma
    Details:Veen Verma Veena Verma is a famous Punjabi short story writer and she also write Punjabi Poetry. Publication: Mul Dee Teween
  • Name: Waryam Singh Sandhu
    Details:A great punjabi writer who won the Sahitya Akademi 2000 award for his short stories book ( Chauthi koot). WARYAM SINGH SANDHU is the most discussed,...
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