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Kavi Darbar is the name given to an event or gathering where poets (\"Kavi\") assemble to engage in recitation of their poetry. Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru is famous for his love of poetry. Every month on a full moon night, he used to arrange such a \"gathering of poets\" near the Gurdwara Paonta Sahib in Himachal Pradesh state, India. The place where he arranged these gathering is also called \"Kavi Darbar\". It is an open air location adjacent of the River Yamuna When Guru Gobind Singh came to Nahan state in about 1682 at a invitation of its ruler Medni Parkash, he settled at the spot where Gurdwara Paonta Sahib has been built at a place where Guru Gobind Singh had established his first camp after meeting the ruler of Nahan. According to historians, the ruler of Nahan had asked Guru Gobind Singh to select any place in his kingdom for settling permanently. After touring the entire state, Guru Gobind Singh picked up the place adjacent to the Yamuna. The captivating scenic beauty of the place must have made the Guru select the spot. Guru Gobind Singh established his fort at the selected place. He also set up a cantonment where his \"fauj\" stayed. With the support of Guru Gobind Singh, the ruler of Nahan was able to save his territory from being wrested by Raja Fateh Shah of Gharwal.
  • Name: Amrit Diwana
    Details:Punjabi Writer, Punjabi Shayar Amrit Diwana is a poetry writer. Pen Name : Amrit Diwana Full Name : Amrit Singh Jhalli Date of Birth : 12 November...
  • Name: Gian Singh Sandhu
  • Name: Jallianwala Bagh
  • Name: Kamaljit Singh Thind
    Details: Kamaljit Singh Thind   Kamaljit Singh Thind is a Director, Producer, Host & Editor of Punjabi Kalma Video Magazine. He also host TV program ...
  • Name: Mehak Punjab Di
    Details:Mehak Punjab Di show is broadcasted on Joy TV Channel 10, Every Saturday at 10:30:00 AM   Mr. Kamaljit Singh Thind  & Mrs. Sanjeev Thind  host ...
  • Name: Sughra Sadaf
  • Name: ZZZ Video thind
    Details:details in english will be here 8
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