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Famous Punjabi Writers Baba Farid ( 1173-1265 ) poertry writer Guru NanaK Dav ( 1469-1539 ) poertry writer Guru Angad Dav ( March 31, 1504 - March 28, 1552) poetry writer Guru Amar Das ( May 5, 1479 -September 1, 1574 ) poetry writer Guru Ram Das ( September 24, 1534 - September 1581 ) poetry writer Sah Hussain ( 1539-1599 ) poetry writer Bhai Gurdas ( 1551 - August 25, 1636) poetry writer Guru Arjan Dev ( April 1563 - May 30 -1606 ) poetry writer Guru Tegh Bahadur ( April 1, 1621 - November 11,1675 ) poetry writer Sultan Bahoo ( 1629-1690 ) poetry writer Bulleh Shah ( 1680-1758 ) poetry writer Waris Shaw ( 1722-1798 ) poetry writer Shah Mohammad ( 1780 - 1862 ) Poetry Writer Mian Muhammad ( 1830-1904 ) poetry writer Khawaja Farid (1841-1901 ) poetry writer Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha ( August 30, 1861- November 24,1938 ) Bhai Vir Singh ( December 5, 1872 - June 10,1957) poetry writer, Dhani Ram Chatrik ( October 4,1876- December 18, 1954 ) Poetry writer Nanak Singh ( July 4, 1897 - 1971 ) Novel writer Prof Mohan Singh ( 20 October, 1905 - 3 May, 1978) Poetry writer Nand Lal Nurpuri ( 1906 - May 13, 1966 ) Song writer Sohan singh Seatal ( Augest 7, 1909 - Septamber 23, 1998) Baba Balwant (August 1915 - June 1974 ) Poetry writer Balwant Gargi (1918-April 20, 2003) Novel, Drama, Biography,Sketches of contemporary writer Gurbax Singh Preetlari ( ) Story, poertry writer Amrita Pritam ( August 31,1919 - October 31,2005) Poetry, story & novel writer Kulwant Singh Virk ( May 20, 1921 - December 24,1987 ) Short Story writer Shiv Kumar Batali ( July 23, 1936 - May 7, 1973) poetry writer Surjt Pattar ( April 15, 1944 )
  • Name: Afzal Bashir Bajwa
  • Name: Ajmer Rode
    Details:Ajmer Rode is a Canadian author writing in Punjabi as well as in English. His first work was non-fiction Vishva Di Nuhar on Einstein's Relativity in...
  • Name: Amarjit Kaur Shant
    Details: Punjabi Writer Amarjit Kaur Shant
  • Name: Amrit Diwana
    Details:Punjabi Writer, Punjabi Shayar Amrit Diwana is a poetry writer. Pen Name : Amrit Diwana Full Name : Amrit Singh Jhalli Date of Birth : 12 November...
  • Name: Angreaj Brar
    Details:Angreag Brar is a Punjabi poetry writer. He lives in Abbotsford BC Canada.
  • Name: Anjum Qureshi
  • Name: Baba Nazmi
  • Name: Bakhshinder
  • Name: Baldev Singh Seehra
  • Name:
  • Name:
  • Name: Bhupinder Dhiliwal
  • Name: Bikar Singh Khosa
  • Name: Charn Singh Virdi
  • Name: Daljit Kalianpuri
  • Name:
  • Name: Darshan Sangha
    Details:Punjabi Writer Darshan Sangha Darshan Sangha is a punjabi funny poetry. He was born
  • Name: Darshan Gill
    Details:Darshan Gill Dr. Darshan Gill, a progressive and secular Punjabi writer who opposed religious fundamentalism in Vancouver lost his battle with cancer...
  • Name: Davinder Punnia
  • Name: Davinder Kaur Johal
    Details:Punjabi writer Davinder Kaur Johal
  • Name: Gill Moranwali
    Details:Gill MoranwaliPan Name: Gill Moranwali Full Name : Mohinder Singh Gill D.O.B : 20 May 1937 Education: B.A. 1962 (Punjab Unversity) Enter In Canada :...
  • Name:
  • Name: Gulshan Dayal
    Details:Gulshan Dayal is a Punjabi Writer. She is a teacher in California.
  • Name: Gurbaksh Singh Bhandal
    Details:Gurbaksh Singh Bhandal is a Punjabi writer.
  • Name: Gurbhajan Gill
    Details:Gurbhajan Gill was born at Basant Kot (near Batala) in 1953. He received his graduate and postgraduate degrees at GGN Khalsa College, Ludhiana and...
  • Name: Gurcharn Rampuri
    Details:Gurcharan Rampuri was born at Rampur (Panjab) India in January 23,1929. He started writing poetry in 1944. First volume of his poems was published in...
  • Name: Gurdarshan Singh
    Details:Gurdarshan Badal is a Famous Punjabi Ghazal Writer. He wrote more than ten books of Ghazal Punjabi Poetry. Literary Name: Gurdarshan Badal DOB June 15...
  • Name: Gurdev Singh Butter
  • Name: Gurmail Singh Badesha
  • Name: Gurpreet Singh
    Details:Gurpreet Singh is a Punjabi Journalist & radio host of Radio India 1600AM Surrey BC Canada
  • Name: Harbans Kaur Brar
  • Name: Harbhajan Singh Mangat
    Details:Harbhajan Singh Mangat was born May 13, 1934 Village Begowal. He writes a poetry. His poetry has a unique style.Service : Army 1953 -1981 Retired: As...
  • Name: Harbhajan Singh Brar
    Details:Harbhajan Singh Brar Birth Place: Chak -151 Near Sikhan Da Pind Station : Kachha Khoo Teh:khanewal Distt: Multan Country : Pakistan Name of Father ...
  • Name: Harchand Singh Bagri
    Details:Punjabi Writer: Harchand Singh BagriPunjabi Funny Poetry writer: Harchand Singh Bagri is a punjabi poetry writer. He writes a Short Story & poetry...
  • Name: Hari Singh Tatla
    Details:  Hari Singh Tatla Date of Birth: 07 May 1957 Birth Place :Village Barhmi Pind ,District- Ludhiana Punjab India. Entery in Canada :1967 Profession:...
  • Name: Harinder Kaur Brar
  • Name: Inderjit Kaur Sidhu
    Details:Interjit Kaur Sidhu Date of Birth 15 August 1940 Karnal Haryana India Education: M.A. English, M.A. Punjabi, B.T Community Support Worker(In Canada)...
  • Name: Inderjit Singh Sidhu
  • Name:
  • Name: Iqbal Qaiser
  • Name: Iqbal Brar
    Details:Iqbal Brar is a Director, Producer & Host of the TV program Dhamak Punjab di.
  • Name: Jagjit Singh Sandhu
  • Name: Jasvir Mangowal
    Details:Punjabi Writer Jasvir Mangowal
  • Name: Kamaljit Komal
    Details:Punjabi Writer & Singer Kamaljit Komal Kamaljit Komal is a Punjabi song writer and Singer.
  • Name: Khaqan Haider Gazi
    Details:Punjabi Poetry Writer: Kidar Nath Kidar is a punjabi Poetry writer. He was born 10 Febourary 1924 Basi Gulam Husaian Hoshiarpur Punjab India. The poet...
  • Name: Kirshan Bhanot
  • Name: Kulwinder Singh Kalanizampuri
    Details:Kala Nizampuri is a Punjabi Lyricist. Kala Nizampuri is a pen name & his full name Kulwinder Singh Kalanizampuri. He was bron 10 April 1977 in...
  • Name: Madan Singh Banga
  • Name: Manga Basi
    Details:Manga Singh Basi is Punjabi poetry writer. Birth Place : Bir Bansian Jalandhar India Birth Date 15 Feb 1954 Education: MA Political science 1977...
  • Name: Manjit Meet
    Details:Manjit Meet: Name: Manjit Singh Dhatt Pen Name: Manjit Meet Date of Birth: August 1, 1953 Place of Birth: Sheikhupura, District Ludhiana, Punjab,...
  • Name: Manjit Kang
    Details:Punjabi Writer Manjit Kang Manjit Kang is a radio host Red FM 93.1 Surrey Canada.
  • Name: Manjit Kaur Deol
  • Name: Manjit Singh Chatrik
    Details:Manjit Singh Chatrik is an artist with a passion – a passion to delve into depth of life and express his revelations through painting. He...
  • Name: Mohan Gill
    Details:Mohan Gill, Born at Village-DEHLON. Distt. Ludhiana.Now living in Surrey,B.C. Canada. Got education in village school & Khalsa school Mandi...
  • Name: Narvinser Koshak
  • Name: Naseer Ahmad
  • Name: Navneet pannu
  • Name: Parminder Kaur Swaich
    Details:Punjabi Writer Parminder Kaur Swaich Parminder Kaur Swaich is a Punjabi drama & Poetry Writer. She was Born on January 16, 1961 in Village Issru,...
  • Name: Parmjit Kaur Deol
  • Name: Paul Dhillon
    Details:Punjabi Writer, Punjabi Shayar, Paul Dhillon is a Famous Punjabi Ghazal Writer. His full name is Rajinder Singh Dhillon. He wrote six Books. ...
  • Name: Principal Surinderpal Kaur Brar
    Details:Prinicipal Surinder Pal Kaur Brar w/o Late S.Malkiat Singh Brar is retired as College Principal from S.D. College for women Moga. She has done Masters...
  • Name: Pritam Singh Dhanjal
    Details:Pritam Singh Dhanjal Publications: MILAN SUCHET SUPNE TULSI DE PATTAR SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDERAM KIRP KAPAN NEHRA Email: pritam@dhanjal.com
  • Name: Pritpal Gill
  • Name: Ravinder Ravi
    Details:Ravinder Ravi is a famous Punjabi Writer. He is writing in Punjabi, English, Hindi and Urdu. His pen name is Ravinder Ravi and full name is Ravinder...
  • Name: Rupinder Roopi
    Details:Roopinder Khaira Roopi D.O.B: Nov 5th 1960 Hometown:Amritsar Qualification: B.Sc B.Ed Occupation in India:Served as a Science teacher at Nabha...
  • Name: Sadhu Binning
    Details:Sadhu Binning is a Punjabi writer. Sadhu, a bilingual author, has lived in the Vancouver area since migrating to Canada in 1967. He has published more...
  • Name: Saleem Ahang
  • Name: Sant Ram Udasi
  • Name: Satish Gulati
    Details:Punjabi Writer Satish Gulati Satish Gulati is a Punjabi writer & publisher. He is a owner of Chetna Parkashan. “I was given books instead...
  • Name: Satwant Kaur Pandhar
  • Name: Sawraj Kaur
    Details:Punjabi Writer Sawraj Kaur Sawraj Kaur born 1 January 1040 Lyalpur Pakistan India Village Talwan Teh. Philor DisT. Jalandhar Eduction: Matriculation ...
  • Name: Sharnjit Kaur
  • Name: Shav Kumar Batalvi
    Details:Punjabi Writer: Shiv Kumar Batalvi ਸ਼ਿਵ ਕੁਮਾਰ ਬਟਾਲਵੀ (July...
  • Name: Sleem Pasha
    Details:Sleem Pasha is a Punjabi writer. He lives in punjab Pakistan Cell: 03005144160 Email:  pashupk@yahoo.com www.pitad.org.pk
  • Name: Sukh Gohalwar
    Details:Punjabi Writer Sukh Gohalwar
  • Name:
  • Name: Sukhminder Amrit
  • Name: Surinder Gill
  • Name: Surinder Dhanjal
    Details:Dr. Surinder Dhanjal is a well-known Punjabi poet who has been teaching in the Department of Computing Science, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops,...
  • Name: Surjeet Kalsey
    Details:Kalsey came to Canada in January 1974, bringing her rich experience in All India Radio boradcasting, writing, journalism and translation, and was...
  • Name: Surjeet
  • Name:
  • Name: Surjeet Kalsey
    Details:Kalsey came to Canada in January 1974, bringing her rich experience in All India Radio boradcasting, writing, journalism and translation, and was...
  • Name: Surjeet
  • Name:
  • Name: Surjit Pattar
    Details:Surjit Paatar is a renowned Punjabi poet. He obtained a Masters degree from Punjani University Patiala and then a Ph.D in Literature on ...
  • Name: Surjit Singh Madhupuri
  • Name: Tamanna Tandeep
  • Name: Veena Verma
    Details:Veen Verma Veena Verma is a famous Punjabi short story writer and she also write Punjabi Poetry. Publication: Mul Dee Teween
  • Name: Waryam Singh Sandhu
    Details:A great punjabi writer who won the Sahitya Akademi 2000 award for his short stories book ( Chauthi koot). WARYAM SINGH SANDHU is the most discussed,...
  • Name: ZZZ Video thind
    Details:details in english will be here 8
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