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Pal Singh Purewal

Pal Singh Purewal is a Cheif architect of Nanakshahi Calender. Pal Singh Purewal BSc. B.T. worked as Mathematics and Science teacher in Punjab before moving to the United Kingdom in 1965 CE. There, in 1966, he joined Texas Instruments Ltd. as Senior Engineering Technician. He rose to the position of Senior Engineer and received special recognition for "extra-ordinary contribution" to the company for his work on 'Whisker Inhibited Tin Plating'. This process he installed in TI San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America. He received his MIMF (Membership of the Institute of Metal Finishing) while working for TI. He traveled to Germany and the USA on company business. He emigrated to Canada from U.K in 1974, and found employment in Edmonton, in computing field. Very rapidly he moved up the ladder and was appointed as Programmer Analyst. In 1978 he joined Miller Office Group as Supervisor Data Processing and in 1979 he was promoted to the position of Data Processing Manager. He was also on the Board of Directors of the company. During his college career he was a top sportsman and was a member of the Punjab University and the Punjab State Basketball teams. In 1961 he represented Punjab in the game of chess also. He was also on the Bedfordshire Chess Team in England . (In both these sports, probably, he was the first Sikh to be on the State teams.) For many years he worked on his '500 years Jantri', a book of comparative Indian calendars with Common Era calendar. It was published in 1994 by the Punjab School Education Board. This 550-page book is a very useful tool for historians to check and convert the dates in important Indian calendars from 1469 CE onwards. More recently, he was involved in designing the Nanakshahi calendar for the Sikh Nation, making it conform to the length of the tropical year, and fixing the Gurpurbs and the Sikh festival dates in this calendar. This calendar was approved from Sri Akal Takht Sahib, and implemented by the SGPC with effect from Vaisakhi last year and has been adopted by the vast majority of the Gurdwaras the world over. For his work on the Nanakshahi calendar he was awarded Honorary Doctorate by the World Sikh University, UK. He was president of the Sikh Society of Alberta during 1983-84. Currently he is the President of the Millwoods Cultural Society of Retired and Semi-Retired, Edmonton. This society has a membership of about 350 and it has its own premises. Last year he was awarded Queen�s Golden Jubilee medal for his voluntary work in the community for almost three decades, and was also recognized in the Alberta Legislature by the Minister of Community Development Hon�ble Gene Zwozdesky. He is 71 years old and lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Pal Singh Purewal:Videos

Pal Singh Purewal:Videos

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