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Sardar Sucha Singh Thind

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Sucha Singh Thind

Sardar Sucha Singh Thind was born 3rd April 1939 in Mintgomary Pakistan, His father's name was Bhan Singh Thind & his mother's name was Basant Kaur Thind. He has three brothers & two sisters. His elder brother Diya Singh Thind, young brother Hari Singh Thind & youngest Teja Singh Thind , His elder sister is Mohinder Kaur & youngest sister Surjit Kaur Chandi. After The Partition of India he moved in the village Sheikhe Pind Dist Jalandhar Punjab India. He was eduction from a school in his village. When he was young, he got married with Gurdip Kaur Thind. He has five kids. Two daughters, Balwinder Kaur Chandi & Kulwinder Kaur Turna , he also has three sons, Sarup Singh Thind , Kamaljit Singh Thind & Surjit Singh Thind. He than moved to Canada with his family in October 1991. He has 6 grand sons & 7 grand daughters. He passed away on 3rd May 2011 in Surrey Memorial Hospital. He worked very hard to support his family and lead his family to a good life in India, as well as Canada.He was a very honest man, and worshiped god with all his heart. He always provided his family with so much and always adapted to the times.He was very loved by all his family and we will miss him, he always loved all his children and grandchildren. We love you.

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