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Sukh Dhaliwal & Kamaljit Singh Thind

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Kamaljit Singh Thind

Sukh Dhaliwal is running as a NDP candidate from the electoral district of Newton North Delta in British Columbia, Canada. Newton-North Delta is a federal electoral district in the province of British Columbia, Canada, that has been represented in the Canadian House of Commons since 2004. It has the highest percentage of Sikhs in Canada, at 27.6% And the riding is one of the most diverse in B.C., where a large chunk of the voters speak Punjabi, Farsi and other languages besides English. Dhaliwal has held his seat since 2006, but the last two elections have been nail-biters. He beat the NDP candidate by just 700 votes in 2006, while the Conservative candidate came second in 2008 by about 2,400 votes. Sukh Dhaliwal, MP was bron October 1, 1960 in Punjab India.He is a businessman and politician in British Columbia, Canada. He is currently the Liberal Member of Parliament for Newton North Delta, elected in the 2006 federal election. He emigrated from India in 1984 and became a Canadian citizen three years later. As a businessman, he founded a successful land surveying company and played an important role in the municipal politics of Surrey where he is said to have dominated the Surrey Electors Team membership list by signing up over 2,600 new party members. This represented over half the total number of members. However, in the November 1999 municipal elections Dhaliwal lost his own bid for a seat on city council. He was the federal Liberal candidate for the Newton-North Delta riding in 2004, but lost to Conservative Gurmant Grewal by just over 500 votes. After a turbulent term in office, Grewal decided to not seek re-election, and in 2006 Dhaliwal faced Conservative newcomer Phil Eidsvik. The NDP was also strong in the riding, and 2004 candidate Nancy Clegg, also ran again. Dhaliwal succeeded in winning the seat by 1000 votes. In the 2006 Liberal Leadership campaign, Dhaliwal initially supported Joe Volpe. After Volpe encountered a fundraising scandal, Dhaliwal withdrew his support and moved to support Michael Ignatieff. Dhaliwal was instrumental in building support for Ignatieff's campaign in the Sikh community. Dhaliwal played a key role in Ignatieff�s short-lived, but successful, second leadership campaign in 2008. On October 14, 2008 Sukh Dhaliwal was re-elected to Parliament by 2500 votes, defeating the NDP�s Teresa Townsley, a Delta School Board Trustee, and the Conservative Party�s Sandeep Pandher. Following the election, Dhaliwal was elected as the Chair of the Northern and Western Caucus of the Official Opposition. He is currently the critic for the Asia Pacific Gateway and Western Economic Diversification Canada. Dhaliwal has served on several House of Commons Committees: International Trade; Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities; and Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics. The Ethics Committee attracted high profile attention when it investigated allegations surrounding Karlheinz Schreibers dealings with former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Kamaljit Singh Thind is a producer, director & host of Mehak Punjab Di TV program on Joy TV Channel 10 every Saturday at 10:30 AM. And also producer, director , host & editor of world's first Punjabi literary Video Magazine .

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