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Profile : Gurbhajan Gill

First name:Gurbhajan
Last Name:Gill

Gurbhajan Gill was born at Basant Kot (near Batala) in 1953. He received his graduate and postgraduate degrees at GGN Khalsa College, Ludhiana and Govt. College (Boys) Ludhiana respectively. He served for sometime as a Lecturer- in- Punjabi at Guru Nanak National College, Doraha and LRM College (now DAV College) Jagraon. Since 1983 he has been working as Editor (Punjabi) at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. Gurbhajan Gill is nostalgic about the glorious period of Punjab when there was poise in the minds of the people and all communities lived in perfect harmony. Nature played its part in striking a balance between the flora and the fauna on the one hand and the human beings on the other. There was no apparent conflict between the outer and the inner worlds. But now: I wish I could go back to my village The milky grains of the maize cobs beckon meI crave for a splashy bath in the rain While mumbling senseless nothings. The dominant theme of his poetic creations is the quest for beauty in all its manifestations. The children, birds, flowers, and stars are for him the metaphors that highlight the symphony of the universe. He is no dreamer nor does he ever indulge in hazy musings. He is after palpable designs the provide life a solid base. For him the familiar sights and sounds convert life into a memorable experience. The wind, laden with the aroma of wet earth after a spell of dryness, transports him to \"the faery lands of forlorn. The turbulent years that his land of five years witnessed not long ago weigh heavy on his mind. He has yet to come to terms with the changed circumstances. He is still haunted by the ghost of murderous assaults on the unwary persons. Life then had become a nightmare that robbed the peace of mind the common man. The glory of the past had vanished, leaving behind a long stretch of devastation. Distrust and suspicion had taken the place of faith and confidence: Our wings were curtailed so cruelly We could never fly back to our homes The whole city is now asleep under a blanket Clasping to the heart both dread and fright. Gurbhajan Gill is steeped in Punjabi ethos. For him the land of five rivers is such a universe as upholds worthwhile human values. Love of humanity, irrespective of caste, color and creed, is his primary concern. The heritage of Punjabi is dear to his heart and he wants to build minarets of understanding, compassion, fellowship and goodwill around this structure. The tradition of Punjabi sofa poetry and the divine glory of guru- bani have opened new vistas of though to and feelings for him. At the same time futuristic concepts of human predicament at the crossroads of the present times and the plausible solutions for the uplift of the downtrodden have also occupied his mind. He is prolific writer and has published half a dozen collections of nazams, ghazals, and geets during the past two decades. He is steeped in Punjabi folklore and uses folk motifs in his poetic creations. At the same time he is conscious of the fast- changing patterns of human existence. He wants to restore the splendid image of the land of his birth so that he can hold his head high. With the passage of time, he has steered clear of certain misconceptions and has identified the disruptive forces. He pleads for peace and tranquility but not at the cost of self- respect: Gurbhajan Gill said that he always derived inspiration for writing from mother earth, prosperous mother tongue and his revered mother. 'Whenever, I sit for writing, I get a unique brainwave from these eternal resources', said he. He said that getting the book released by Dr. Kang, and Dr. Singh, on his birthday was a unique gift for him. Dr. Nirmal Jaura, who conducted the proceedings, said that it was a rare occasion that Mr. Gill got his book released on his 55th birthday Mr. Gurbhajan Gill has written many Punjabi poetry books like ‘Shisha Jhooth Bolda Hai’, ‘Har Dukhda Pind Mera Hai’, ‘Bol Mitti Diya Bawya’ and ‘Agan Katha’. He has two compilations of ghazals and his book ‘Bol Mitti Diya Bawya’ is prescribed as a text book for BA (honors) of Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar.

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