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Profile : Gurminder Guri

First name:Gurminder
Last Name:Guri

Punjabi Singer Gurminder Guri

Gurminder Guri, came out with the blast debut album "Dil De Ni Mare" which has given a sensation in punjabi music industry. The number "Lallu Karey Kawalliyan" is been on the top of the punjabi hits charts since the album release and got a motivational reviews from critics. "It took almost more than a year to compile the album numbers and bring it to the listeners, i didn't wanted to compromise with the quality of lyrics or music" said Gurminder Guri to the press media in USA during the press conference. Adding further he mentioned, "The 10 songs we picked up were among the 25 songs which i had prepared and the best mix was selected to go out in the release". Gurminder Guri has been invited in more than dozen events to speak out on the album since the album hit the market in USA and have been approached by his fans endless times via email and phone. The album was first released by Point Zero Entertainers in India and collaboratively by Music Box and TuneLabs in North America. TuneLabs, Point Zero and Music Box are the most aggressive and leading music companies in USA, Canada and India respectively. The album "Dil De Ni Mare" consists of 10 heart throbbing songs as follows: Dil De Nu Mare (Singer: Gurminder Guri) # Song Lyrics 1 Lallo Kare Kawallian 2 Dil Hor Mangda Kamme Rote Wala 3 Jhalli Ho Gayi Aan 4 Kuriye Gulab Rangiyey Mangal hathoor 5 Dil De Ne Mare 6 Munde Chandigarh Wale 7 Nili Chatt Waleya 8 Gal Baat Gurnaam Gamma 9 Ikk Geda Dede 10 Dherian Mitti Diyaan The most popular number in the album is "Lallu Kare Kawalliyan" and is written by Gurminder himself along with "Jhalli Ho Gayi Aan", "Dil De Ne Mare", "Munde Chandigarh Wale", "Nili Chatt Waleya", "Ikk Geda Dede", "Dherian Mitti Diyaan". Mangal Hathoor has provided lyrics for "Kuriye Gulab Rangiyey" wheras Kamme Rote Wala has writeen lyrics for "Dil Hor Mangda". Gurnaam Gamm penned the lyrics for "Gal Baat". The rap has been done by Simitra Roy within various songs. Harjit Nagra is the producer of the album and presentation is by Parminder Panaich. The music is the album is compiled by "Anu Manu".

Member Since: 2010-06-05
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