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First name:KIDAR
Address:House 823 Sector 16 Panchkula
Mobile:House 0172-2560

Punjabi Poetry Writer:

Kidar Nath Kidar is a punjabi Poetry writer. He was born 10 Febourary 1924 Basi Gulam Husaian Hoshiarpur Punjab India.

The poet, love still moves the world. It has been almost six decades since he has been writing poetry in Urdu and Punjabi, but the theme of his poems still remains the same — beauty of love. For a person who did not even complete his graduation, Kidar Nath shows command over both Urdu and Punjabi languages. For the 76-year-old poet who started writing in 1945, the journey continues. Already with four poetry books to his credit, Kidar Nath is on his way to publish two more volumes — “Do Bol Pyar Ke” and an untitled collections of poems in Punjabi. “The love that inspired me to write has taken a more mature hue in my recent creations,” says Kidar Nath. So the poems enlisted in his upcoming book “Do Bol Pyar Ke” are not just about ecstacy and pain of young lovers, but greater love of humanity and patriotism are reflected. And this new philosophy of life has contributed a lot in shaping his personality that makes him stand up not only as a good poet but also as a social reformer. The poet has recently set up a trust called Kidar Adabi Trust to promote youngsters to write in their own mother tongue as well as in Urdu. “After returning from Kuwait and England, where I had spend more then 30 years of my life, it was disheartening to see the effect of pop culture on our youngsters which was deviating them from the richness of our own traditional culture,” he says. This led to the setting up of the trust which is not only meant for young writers but for young scholars as well. Kidar Nath is also the founder Adabi Sangat, a cultural forum that gives impetus to the Punjabi folk culture and literature. “The Adabi Sangat is an extension of the Punjabi Adabi Sangat which had started in Kuwait,” says Kidar Nath. To keep the Punjabi culture alive in a foreign place, Kidar Nath had also started two other organisations called “Bhartiya Kala Sangat” and “Kuwait Bazmi Adab” during his long stay there. A businessman by profession, Kidar Nath always harboured a passion for writing. “Though due to domestic problems I had to discontinue my studies midway, being forced to take up business for day-to-day survival, but my love for writing never faded during the days of struggle”, time,” he says. So later in life to make himself better equipped with Punjabi writing, he did a crash course in Punjabi Literature. His love for Urdu poetry was initiated by Ustad Arshi from Lahore. His first poetry collection “Yaadan De Maruthat” — both the Urdu and Punjabi versions came out in 1986. His second book “Suman Yaadaan” was a tragic one which was based on the sad demise of his daughter. However, the book which is closest to his heart is “Kidarnama” a collection of poems written by different Indian poets of Birmingham dedicated to him, besides his own collections. Capturing gypsy spirit on canvas Tribune News Service Chandigarh, April 18 Katarzyna Pollok is quite in love with Asian charms. Her fascination for the multi-cultural land finds a reflection in the works, displayed at the basement of the Pracheen Kala Kendra. Interestingly, the Kendra, dedicated largely to the promotion of performing arts in the region, has forayed into the world of art on canvas with the exhibition by Katarzyna, a Roma gypsy with strong ties with India. A mention of moorings and the gypsy girl is led down the memory lane. Married to a German and based in Germany for long, Katarzyna loves to flaunt her connection with Sindh, as also with India. The fondness for Indian art and culture is reflected to a certain extent in her works wherein she focuses on Lord Krishna’s images. Explored and executed with honesty, Karatzyna’s art works are about a reflection of her own pursuits as a gypsy vis-a-vis her cultural inheritance. Among the works on display are diverse themes. Interesting is the string of titles which suggest the spirit embodied by the work. The art works are thus called “Jewish arabesque”, “turquoise arabesque”, “What the Egyptians liked”, “Details of the wall in the Alhambra” and many more. Executed in a rather interesting medium blending colour with texture, Katarzyna paints her own impressions of the world. The ensemble thus features a maat waiting for justice, a pink maat, black and white angels and many other curious images. As a Sinti (Sindhi) gypsy painter, Katarzyna has clear targets in life. Tracing her moorings is important to her, just as it is to any other Roma gypsy. Creative arts is a simply a medium for realisation of dreams. Only about four months back the girl was here with her collection, which was rather thin. This time the show has been organised on a larger scale, with the India Inter-Continental Cultural Association collaborating with the Pracheen Kala Kendra to present the exhibition. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr Ashwani Sekhri, Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Punjab. It will later be taken to Patiala and Delhi.



1 Yaadaan De Maruthal  (Punjabi & Urdu)

2 Kidar Nama 1998

3 Suman Yaadaan

4 Mehak Piyar (Hindi & Punjabi)

5 Rahul Yaadaan 2006

 CD : Aa Sajna Do Gallan Kariye : Laryic Kidar Nath Kidar Singer  & Composer Dolly Gulleria D/o Surinder Kaur

House Phone: 0172-2560055

Cell: 01191-9876743355


Member Since: 2010-09-13
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